Which persons are insured

The compulsory occupational benefits requirement has applied since 1985 to employees who are older than 24 and whose annual income amounts to CHF 21,330.-- (as of 1.1.2019) or more.

This limit has been continuously increased over the years. In 1985 the limit was just CHF 16,560.-- and in 2003 CHF 25,230.--. With effect from 2005, the affiliation threshold was reduced from CHF 25,800.-- under the old rules to CHF 19,350.--.


There are exemptions from compulsory insurance in the following cases:

  • The contract of employment is for 3 months or less
  • employment in Switzerland is not permanent and the person concerned has equivalent insurance in another country
  • the employer is not subject to the obligation to contribute (e.g. embassies, international organizations)
  • the person concerned earns income from secondary employment and already has compulsory insurance for the main employment activity or is self-employed in the main profession
  • the person concerned is at least 70% disabled