Notification of credit balances

Reporting dormant credit balances or balances for which no contacts exist

Under Art. 24b of the Portable Benefits Act (FZG), the account-keeping schemes (benefit schemes and schemes which keep portable benefit accounts or policies) must make regular contact with their insured persons. If this contact can no longer be established, a message must be sent to the 2nd Pillar Central Office (dormant credit balances or balances for which no contact exists). Alternatively, a scheme may regularly notify the full list of insured persons.

What must be reported:

Under Art. 24c FZG the report comprises:

  • the surname and forename of the insured person
  • the AHV number
  • the date of birth
  • the name of the benefit scheme or scheme which keeps the portable benefit accounts or policies

How is the report to be made:

To enable the procedures for the preparation of data reports for the account keeping schemes to be optimised, please complete our specification sheet for data reports. This will make it easier for us to process these reports.

We wish to call your particular attention to the following points:

  • You will facilitate our task by sending us on a data medium reports of dormant credit balances or those for which no contact exists.
  • To enable reports to be correctly assigned, we are dependent on precise information from the reporting scheme. If possible, whenever a data report is sent please indicate the reference number (registration number) assigned to your scheme.
  • Where information about several schemes is given on a data medium, please subdivide and designate the individual data inventories.
  • You will facilitate our work if the structure of the data medium is always the same.
  • Please let us know whether the data report comprises the entire list, a follow-on report or simply new individuals; this will make it easier for us to compare the information with reports already made.

Send the report to the following address:

2nd Pillar Central Office
LOB Guarantee Fund
Eigerplatz 2
Postfach 1023
3000 Berne 14

We will be happy to give you further information at telephone number
(+41) 031 380 79 75. You may send us an Email to: